Friday, February 28, 2014

My Blitsy Dream Room Makeover

First off I would like to introduce myself. I was the winner of the Blitsy Dream Craft Room. I won this awesome room along with my friend Angel in Louisiana. Angel called me Christmas morning as I was cooking Christmas dinner and said we won, We Won. Of course I had no idea what we had won until she told me. I was so shocked to have won this amazing prize it took me an hour to start back cooking. LOL I still find it hard to believe that we won this on Christmas Day 2013. This has been an adventure from then on. Getting exactly what Blitsy has on their set was my dream come true. They also gave me 2 short Alex from Ikea and 2 tall Alex’s. Then separating and organizing my stuff began when I knew what I was getting. Then came the furniture delivery on January 25. OMG!! Then the assembly began. What a dream that has really come true!! So, here is my tour of my room.

Here is from the door looking into my area

What you see here is my dress form with all my lace and ribbons. Also the cubes that I stenciled with Prima Marketing Flourish Stencil. I love this stencil and you can see that I used it all the way though to tie in the pattern throughout my creative space.

Here is a closer look. I used Stencil Brushes and Acrylic Black paint.

I also used the same stencil on this after painting them the Robin’s Egg Blue left over paint from the walls.

Here is a look across the room showing the Tall shelving that I received one on this side of the desk and the other one is on the other side.

Straight on view of all the shelving units together at the end of the room.

Here is where I keep my glitter in several salt and pepper shakers also my stamps in an old wire basket these are the stamps I use all the time.

In these suitcases I store my wooden stamps and extra embellishments.

Here is under the island where I store all my big tools, dies and adhesives

Here is the full shelving unit that I also received with all the drawers on the side is the short Alex where I store all my tools. Cutting Mattes, trimmers, punches and mixed media products.

Last but not least is the lamp shade I made using a doily table cloth. I used 2 floral wire wreaths. Then I stitched around to the outside to keep it in place on the top and then tacked it at the bottom. I put some handmade flowers and trim on the top and there is my lampshade. (I got the 400 watt bulbs to use in this at IKEA. They do not get hot.)

I hope you have enjoyed a tour of my Blitsy Dream Craft Room Makeover. I so love my area now and it is more than I could have ever dreamed of having!! Thanks so much Blitsy!!! You Rock!! Thanks for making my Christmas last year one that I will not ever forget!!

Hugs and keep on Crafting!!
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