Saturday, September 19, 2009

Well, I have officially decided to teach classes at Simply Scrapbooks in Dayton. I am teaching one recipe class a month. I am so excited!! I am currently working on class kits for Thursday night. I am also teaching my friend Sheri's daughter scrapbooking techniques. I did this Thursday morning. We had so much fun I can not wait until the next time. I just started working with mineral spirits to blend with stamps. I just love it!!

I have recipes done and will post them as soon as post them in the recipe project page. These girls are so awesome!! OK, I hope to get some thing done tomorrow. My mother was sick today so I have convinced her to go to my Dr. Thank God!! The other Dr. she was going to kinda dismissed her when she got sick and will not work with her as a Dr. should when you have B-cell leukemia?? Go figure.....she says that when you get old no one wants to do anything for you. =O( I do not feel that way I enjoy everyday being around her. She is my best friend.

Have a great weekend!!


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