Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Friend Aye

I am so upset about my friend Aye. We went to High School together. This is one of the sweetest people that you would ever meet. We had lost contact through out the years and just reconnected on Facebook. I am so happy that we have reconnected after all these years!

Aye is no longer able to receive chemotherapy because her liver is failing,
which means her fight with cancer is coming to an end soon.
In Aye’s words:

“I was originally diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2002. I went through chemo and radiation treatments for as year following my mastectomy. All signs were positive until spring of 2008 when my blood work started showing signs of cancer problems. I began chemo again as the cancer had moved to my liver. I have been through several type of chemo since then, stopping at the beginning of May when my blood cell count started preventing me from receiving my chemo treatments.
On June 4, 2009 I was informed during a doctor visit following some tests that my liver was failing and that I would not be able to receive more chemo. I was told that my illness is terminal and the situation is critical. I may only have weeks to live, no more that 6 months.”

For those unfamiliar with the Pfeifer family’s challenges these past eight years: in addition to Aye’s battle with cancer, Vince experienced end stage renal failure himself two years ago and nearly died. He spent months in a coma in the hospital. Once he stabilized, which was, seriously, a miracle, he spent a couple of months in rehab before returning home. Vince has some chronic health issues as a result of the experience and they face a crushing financial burden as well.

To pile on to the financial challenges: the company for which Vince works has not met payroll in 15 months and stopped covering their insurance in September, 2008. Despite the spectacular bad timing, obviously this is not the time for Vince to look for a new job. The blessing is that Vince has this irreplaceable time to spend with Aye, and the curse is that medical bills and other necessities have destroyed their savings.

Aye, has asked that we find a way for the family to go to Hawaii in the next four to six weeks, before her health makes it impossible.

Again, in her words:

“My son had always wanted to have the family go to Hawaii and play with the dolphins. Due to our illnesses over the past few years we have only taken one family vacation during my son’s life. We currently have no means which to enjoy a trip to Hawaii and playing with the dolphins. I would like to go with my family from Seattle to Hawaii and spend a few of my last days with them on the beaches of one of the islands. I would like to be able to see my son play with the dolphins and leave him with a wonderful lasting memory of our time together.”

They’ve contacted a private foundation, The Dream Foundation, to see if they can help make this wish happen (that’s why they wrote the painful recap above.)

However, time is so short that the foundation may not be able to honor the wish.

This is where her friends have stepped up. We are well on our way to sending them to Hawaii to fulfill Aye’s wish.

But their needs do not end with their trip. We will also need to help her family to fly to Seattle to be close to Aye. And there are also some day-to-day needs for the family as well. We will post those needs in the discussion area of this site in hopes that someone will be able to help out.

I hope that you will keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers. She needs all prayers she can get.

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